Some thoughts I had, even though it is technically now friday:

  1. We should stop looking to outside sources, and start looking internally for our happiness.
  2. To fully understand yourself, you must listen to yourself.
  3. There is so much noise in the world today, that the only real silence I hear are the clicks of my key board when my family is asleep.
  4. Thursdays need to be held in higher esteem, for Odin’s sake it is literally Thor’s Day. Give him some love.
  5. I have so many problems rooted so deep into my subconscious mind that it makes it hard for me to sleep
  6. I met a girl named Tali and she is so pretty.
  7. I want to be a morning person so badly, but I love the quiet of the night and the dark so much that I must stay up late.
  8. I also love to sleep, I should be a day sleeper and work at night.
  9. I am writing a short story about this girl named Eli. She is an insomniac with a loving girlfriend and a ghost husband.
  10. I think ten is enough for tonight.

I don’t know. Today was a weird day. I had school and I am still not asleep and it is 12 something in the morning and I have work later today. I feel like I do a lot of things with my life, but never anything that I truly want to do. I am living an existence planned for me by an unseen, all-powerful force that doesn’t care a thing for me, and just wants my money and for me to suffer.

I think people are afraid of really being happy. I don’t even know what makes me happy any more. My boyfriend? Yes. My kitties? Yes. But what really makes me happy? What is the one thing I can always do, that I will always want to do? I don’t know. Read? Write? Listen? Sing? There are things that I love to do, but what makes me happy? What makes you happy?

This post should be titled: “Ravings of a Madwoman at 12:30 in the morning when she should be Sleeping.

Here is some tea for your troubles:


Goodnight All.

Sweet Dreams.