I did not have to get up really early today, it felt like I could actually sleep, which is horrible/wonderful.

I am working on this new project, its current name is In Hell, but that might change. I really like that way the story is forming around my characters, they are great people so far.

Some thoughts:

  1. I should really be starting on the three+ papers I have due in the next couple of weeks.
  2. I have a shit ton of research to do on the Literary Publishing World, which is really scaring me because I have a fear of change and this is going to be the start of something that I know is going to change my life a lot.
  3. I am really excited to finish editing the first draft of my first completed manuscript, which is also terrifying, but it is my baby and I love it.
  4. I need to interview some people in the literary world… it is scary.
  5. Pink Floyd makes me happy, but also sad and angry and confused. Current mood: Brain Damage, Dark Side of the Moon.
  6. I finished my French Homework, which is not even an eight of the work I have to have done by tomorrow, but fuck it.
  7. I don’t like odd numbers.
  8. Eight is my favorite number, so that is that.

I have a few images for all the great people out there. First, I got another tattoo, and it sort of looks like Mike’s dad’s tat:

tumblr_niroezKhuc1tume2zo1_540  tumblr_niroezKhuc1tume2zo2_400

I think this deserves a story, but for time’s sake and the sake of my sanity, it shall be short.

I really love the show Once Upon a Time. On the show, Rumplestiltskin and Belle are my favorite characters. My co-workers at Michael’s even call me “The Dark One.” I love tattoos, and this is the second instillation on my right arm, my magic sleeve. The first tattoo on this sleeve was Thor’s Hammer, Mjölnir (or Mew mew as Darcy calls it), seen here:


New Story: Mike is my boyfriend, we have been together for a little over three years. We met in high school, and fun fact the first time we saw each other was at a CiCi’s pizza. We did not talk the first time we saw each other, he asked one of his friends to message me on Facebook to see if I wanted to talk. I knew this friend, we had gone to middle school together, and when I saw him messaging me, I am not going to lie, I was pretty excited. We have been dating ever since. We didn’t even meet before our first date, it just sort of happened.

Here is a picture of Mike drinking some tea and playing League:


I think he is pretty cute. Haha.

So with that, I leave you.

Good Day All!