Hey, maybe for today I will give you a taste of some of the projects I’m working on for school.

The Publishing Culture

The 21st century brings on a new world when it comes to reading. There are now a multitude of delivery systems to connect readers to content. An obvious change in delivery systems also leads to a change in how we read. Now on the internet, if someone wants news all they have to do is log into twitter. If you want entertainment, you have youtube and tumblr and a variety of other sites to cater to this need.

This is also the case when someone wants to read a novel. Not only are there now a plethora of platforms dedicated to delivering ebooks that you can purchase online, but there are numerous downloadable files and torrents of books and novels. This is similar to the problem that was being faced by the music industry with torrented music. If someone wants a novel and doesn’t want to pay for it, all…

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