OMG. It has been too long my friend.

So much has happened and I have decided numbered lists are good for talking about a lot of things so here we go, in no particular order:

  1. It is way to late to be doing this and I should be working on homework. EW
  2. I was promoted to a certified custom framer at Michaels probably about three months ago
  3. I am leaving my job because STRESS REASONS
  4. I am done with editing my manuscript and will be querying soon, like this weekend soon,
  5. I am SO DONE with Florida and am looking for residency in NEW JERSEY, my homeland.
  6. My current mood is: MUST FINISH ACCEPTING EDITS
  7. I hate odd numbers
  8. I am almost done with my BA, I have 7 more credits in my major?
  9. I am looking for grad schools? I think? I don’t even know, and I hate talking to advisors because I don’t know what I am doing with my life
  10. I have been super excited for Fall, even though Fall in Florida isn’t Fall, it is still burning hotter than the pits of hell here in HELL LAND AKA FLORIDA.
  11. Oh so many numbers!
  12. I have been a raging lunatic all summer, making a lot of money though.
  13. I have been frequenting Halloween Horror Nights, the only good part about living in Orlando, I guess.
  14. I will be taking many trips up North in the following months, to really live up the Fall and Winter seasons
  15. Honestly, typing this list I have noticed not much has happened, it just feels like a lot
  16. Oh, someone close to me died. It was terrible and I have been trying to repress it
  18. Also, Once is life.

That is one long list, babe.

Mike and I are doing well, we have been together a little over four years now. I think we are probably going to get engaged soon, which is weird but also exciting and cool. He is taking classes to become a firefighter. He loves it. I want to give you something pretty to look at, so here is Mike being a male model:


My cats are also well. They both got really angry because we found two baby kitties last week and they took over the house while we where trying to find them a home. HA. It was kind of funny because it was basically the same day we found Artemis and Nyx two years ago, and these kitties were siblings too. Here is Artemis and Nyx, an old photo, but not much has changed.