il_570xN.355757716_3j82Tinges dark and fruitful

fallen on sullen eyes

sunken into deep orchards

fiery, lively, dangerous courses

they see with no remorse

the world is black and white

but they see shades of purple

and blue over you and the past.

They see long days and hateful ways

and portions of merry men dancing on graves.

They see wonders of reds and yellows,

dreadful happy fellows, murdering mournful raves.

Hurt, burrowing and tight, we learned at the

end of eyelashes and combs, running leaves

off the many trees that gave us hope to flee-

he ran for miles the night, he ran and jumped and cried,

he did all he could he tried,

to save them before he died.

-Jess Gatsby


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