The universe sat down for a cup of tea one day. She looked around at all that she was and wondered about herself. There were so many things still unknown, still a mystery. But she was beautiful and felt good. She knew that things about her were scary and bad things did happen, but it was okay because of all the…


All the what? She was alone, even though she was so full.


She took a sip of her tea.

Who would she talk to? What would she say if there were someone to say something to?

She looked at herself in the window of her kitchen and wondered if this was all.

“Am I to go on like this forever?” She was already so old, but at the same time so young. Parts of her would die and parts of her were new.

Out of everything she was made up of, out of all the amazing things she was, she still doubted herself.

“If I am alone forever…” She said to her tea. She looked into the cup to see her reflection there as well. So much of her? Was she to contain all of the energy and life that she held? Could she let go?

Her fingers wrapped around her cup, delicate and long. She wondered about them. She had created so much with those hands. Her cup of tea looked so small in them.

Whatever she was to do for forever, she did not know, but she still went on. Her company was herself and she lived with the light and energy that she was, and the empty space that she wasn’t.

-Jess Gatsby


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