It felt like time had stopped. My whole body felt numb. I reached out to see if there was anything I could hold on to but the motion felt stiff. I was so uneasy. I dropped to my knees in front of them.

What were they doing this to me for? What had I just seen? I wished that I could wake up from this dream.



“Stop already, will you?”

I felt hands grab me, and pull me up. There were arms around my waist lifting me, moving me to… I was sitting on something. Not a chair. Something cold. A table?

“Will you look at me?”

Someone was talking, I knew the voice but I couldn’t picture the face. I couldn’t see anything. Were my eyes closed?

“Come on, ease up. After what she just saw?”

“I know, but she shouldn’t…”

There were two voices. They seemed to blend together as they spoke. What were they talking about?

“Why was she in here anyway?”

Both men. I knew one of them. Who were they again?

“I guess to identify the body?”

“Come on man, she’s like a sister to me. I could have done it.”

What were they talking about? Me?

“Isn’t she a witness?”

I was. What I saw- I felt a knot in my chest, my heart hurt. Everything hurt. My head.






“Maybe you should take her home. She isn’t going to be any use to us like this.”




I had to be here. I had to help. I saw it happen.

I opened my eyes. I would have to see it again. And again.

And again.


-Jess Gatsby


Image Credit: claralieu