She stretched her body around and reached down to me. Her arm moved through the water with purpose, her long fingers tangled into my hair. I grabbed onto her arm to try and pull her toward me, but she resisted. Her face was still above the water’s surface.

She smiled sadly at me, and I could tell she had been crying.

She wouldn’t be able to hear me from up there, but I wanted to ask her what was wrong. I tried to reach up through the waters, to bring her down to me, but I couldn’t pass the water’s surface. I tapped it to keep her attention, then blew her a kiss.

She frowned at this.

“Come to me.” I mouthed, holding her hand captive. She shook her head. “Please.” I tried, bringing her hand to my lips. I saw her breathe out and then she let her head pass through the water.

“You know I can’t.” She said to me. “Why don’t you ever come to see me?” She asked. She knew the answer to that.

“Please come to me.” I said, “I miss being near you.”

“This is the closest you can get,” She said, “unless you come to me.” I sighed and worked my way up closer to her. With her face in the water I was able to grab her better.

“I can’t come to you.” I said, grabbing her shoulder. My skin burnt in the air above the water.

I tried my hardest to not make a face, but she knew.

“Just come with me.” She said, “I’ll take care of everything.”

“You know I can’t.” I said, being so close to her made me happy. “You can come to me easily.” I whispered.

She shook her head again.

“We can’t keep at this,” She said, “we won’t make it.”

I knew what she meant. I wanted to go with her, but I couldn’t.

“You know it’s hard loving you.” I said to her, smiling- trying to keep her here would be hard. The skin on my hand was cracking. I wouldn’t last much longer.

“You are hurting yourself, to be with me like this.” She said. “I’m going to run out of air soon.”

“Just stay.” I tried. “I can’t be the one to leave.”

“I could take care of everything.” Her voice was getting raspy. She wouldn’t stay much longer.

“Tomorrow then?” I asked. I saw an air bubble float from her eye. She was leaving for good this time.

“I can’t do this any longer.” Her voice cracked, “It hurts me too much.”

At her last word her head broke from the water and she was gone. My body was forced down, and I saw her take to the sky.

That was the end then?

I hoped for her to come back, but she only sent me letters from ravens that flew through her to get to me.

It was my fault for falling for her.


“Hey,” the girl that lived in the cave said, “You alright?”

“No.” I was sitting on a rock, holding my body so I wouldn’t fall apart.

“You knew it wouldn’t work.” She slithered her way over to me from the darkness. “You can’t love the air when you live down here.” She whispered.

I felt my heart break all over again.

“You tried to cheat, but life always gets you back.”

“She still talks to me,” I insisted, my body was trembling with anger and sadness.

“Yeah, but that’s all now,” small and large fish swam around the girl, “you belong here, and she belongs out there.”


I knew that, and still it hurt.


-Jess Gatsby


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