I had a thought, dear

However scary

About that night

The bugs and the dirt

Why were you digging?

What did you bury

Before those hands pulled me

From the earth?

-Like Real People Do, Hozier

I remember that night the best. The feeling of her hands- I could feel them moving the dirt from my face. It was dark for awhile, but I could hear her digging. When my face broke from the earth, when I saw the night sky, when her hands were around me, that was my first breath. I can remember it so well. Her face was the second thing I saw after the moon. She didn’t say anything to me.

I had never thought about why she was there, that night on the hill. I didn’t really care that much because I was alive again. I was with her. She was everything to me. I wasn’t wasting away anymore, I was with her.

She never said much, I knew she was sad about something. She did look happier when I spoke to her. I wouldn’t talk about anything, I just liked to see her happy. I didn’t know what else to do.

When she would speak, she wouldn’t tell me anything either, but I liked the sound of her voice. She would sing to me sometimes. Each song made me feel more alive.

She wouldn’t take me out much either, only at night. One day though, when I looked good enough- my skin was a normal color, eyes weren’t red anymore, my hair had grown back completely- she took me to the park. She held my hand and told me things about when she was a little girl. I listened to her speak, it was so beautiful and I wanted to know everything about her.

Who was I? She asked me. I didn’t remember anything from before that night, I told her. My voice finally sounded normal.

“Do you know me?” I asked. Her hand was shaking in mine, and I looked to her face to find her crying. I didn’t want her to cry. “You don’t have to tell me.” I said, squeezing her hand. She was still crying so I wrapped my arms around her. She shivered in my arms.

“I can take care of you now that I am better.” I said to her, and we went home.

She was still crying when we got there. I wanted to help her feel better, but I didn’t know why she was sad. I hugged her again. I saw people do that on tv when someone was sad. She hugged me back and I knew I could never let her go.