She was playing the piano again.


What a lovely melody, I had never heard it before. But, Of course, I didn’t know much about music. I played piano for a year or two when my mother was still around, but after that it wasn’t necessary.

I peeked around the tapestry. She wasn’t using any sheet music, she was playing from memory. I wished to go sit with her, but Caleb was there and I would have not been invited. It was my own fault for that, but still I longed to be closer to them.

The song she played seemed a happy one though, she was smiling and so was my brother. She started to sing. I needed to get back to work. I stopped spying on the two and walked further down the hall. Annabelle was playing loud enough for me to hear the piano from my study if I kept the door open.

She started playing a different song, and I knew this one. It was an old Beatles song, I knew that but I couldn’t remember the name. I tried to remember the words as I flipped through the files on my desk. I have been having so much trouble concentrating since she came here.

I closed my eyes and let my head fall back. I pictured her face, her smile- not that she had ever shown it to me, only to Caleb. What did I know about making someone smile? She made me smile though. I don’t remember ever feeling this way, like there was something better than what I had. I thought I had everything there ever was. Had I been wrong? I was starting to think so.

She was singing the song, but I couldn’t make out the words.

I opened my eyes and stood.

I wouldn’t get any work done like this. I took the most important files from the pile and walked back up to where she was playing. I sat just outside the entrance to the room, well hidden by the tapestry that hung there, and pressed my back against the wall closest to her. She was still singing,

I’m in love for the first time

Don’t you know it’s gonna last

It’s a love that lasts forever

It’s a love that had no past


If she only knew.

I listened to her until she was done playing and Caleb asked her if she wanted to have something to eat.

I stayed in the hall, even after they left.

The song she was singing was still stuck in my head.


-Jess Gatsby


Hey guys! I hope you like today’s daily post, these characters are from a book I wrote. I wanted to give them a little more love today, and this is written from Jonas’s perspective. He is my favorite, and I haven’t really gotten into his head before.

Also the song she was singing is Don’t Let Me Down by the Beatles.


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