The shadows moved across his skin delicately, like they were friends. They moved slowly, making sure to kiss each crevice, each dip. I couldn’t stand to watch them anymore, it seemed too intimate. I looked up to the moon and saw something strange. In light of the moon I saw a shape, a ship, all tied around the curve of La Luna.

She didn’t look scared up there, but I was worried.

I looked back down to him and he seemed content with the shadows dancing across his body, and he didn’t look like he needed me at all.

I looked back to the sky to see the stars all clapping as the moon past them in the sky. The ship was taking her somewhere. I wanted to know where, so I got up and started to follow them. At first they were moving slowly and I could see her waving to the stars as she past.

I walked along the forest floor, bare feet treading over fallen leaves. It was so calm following the moon this way, and she looked to be enjoying herself. There was a cool breeze that night, it whipped around my face, and blew through my hair. I felt like it was playing with me, like the shadows had been playing with him.

I missed him already, I felt like I had been following the moon for a million years and he was stuck behind me making love to the shadows. I knew he didn’t need me anymore. I was wondering if I still needed him as the ship in the sky pulling the moon started to speed up. I started walking faster and soon I was running to keep up.

I couldn’t let the moon get out of my sight. I felt so connected to her.

I ran for the rest of my life following the moon being pulled by the ship until one day.

One day the ship started to slow down. The night that I had been following lightened. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the sun. Then I heard a snap as all the lines from the ship were broken from her.

It was a wonderful sight, my eyes were burning from the beauty of it all. The sun embraced the moon in a warm hug as they turned into one. It was just a moment, but that is all I would see until the end of my days.
Even after they parted, the sun and the moon, I still saw the eclipse.


-Jess Gatsby

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