Today I wanted to do something a bit different. Every time I write, I come up with characters. I have learned that some of these characters are a part of me, but not all of them are. Some of them are so foreign and strange to me I wonder where they come from.

As I write this I think that maybe these characters come from my fears. Maybe they come from other people. I don’t know anyone like Dahlia, or like Stella, or like Moon. I think that maybe I am finding things around me and making them into these characters, so I can know them better. I am trying to work them out in real life so I make them on paper, I make them for you to read and learn with me.

I like thinking about small instances- scenes- where people are interacting in a moment rather than over a course of them. I feel like this is more intimate and that you learn more this way. There is more of an impact when you don’t know their whole story but you get a moment of them. That is how it happens in real life, so why not on paper? There is more of an intense liveliness, more of a zing, when you are this close to a character you don’t have the luxury of knowing.

This is how I feel about my own writing here, especially with short stories. I guess writing longer works is different. Since I have been querying my novel, I have taken the characters as bits of me. I know they will always live inside of me in a permanent way. That doesn’t mean I like them, or condone their actions, but I know that they are a part of me. This is different in that those characters are actually a part of me, instead of being part of life I am trying to discover.

It would be interesting to know how others feel about this though, so feel free to leave a comment letting me know how you feel about your writing!
-Jess Gatsby


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