Raven stood in the hallway around the corner from his open door. The light was low and danced along the wall in time with his playing. The violin? That was strange to her, since he seemed so angry all the time and the violin seemed too- gentle. The music was beautiful, and even though she didn’t get tired, so there was no need to sit, she situated herself on the floor and listened to him play. He was very talented for how evil he was: the painting and now this?

Each song he played flowed seamlessly into the next one, even though they sounded so different- had such different feelings. At times the song was so sad that the light along the wall seemed to cry, but then there was an angry tune, and then a confusing, painful one. All the songs seemed to feel of suffering and Raven felt a tear slide down her cheek. Then, a hopeful tune filled the air. It surprised her. She stood, wanting to see him play. She didn’t understand where this song had come from, since he was always so…

Raven was worried that he might stop playing if he saw her, but it was a risk worth taking. Her heart seemed to leap from her chest as the hopeful feeling progressed into a happy song. The lights around her were jumping in elation as the song continued on in its joyful tune. She wanted to see him so badly, the music from the instrument was pulling her closer. She slipped around the corner and caught sight of him. His back was to her as he played, body swaying and dipping as the music filled the room around him.

Then he stopped.

He turned to see her standing in the hall.

Raven’s heart was stilled with the silence.

He sighed and turned his back to her. His music started again, surprising her. She walked into his room and sat on the chair to the side of him. She watched as his hands slid gracefully over the strings, how the bow seemed an extension of his arm. The music he was playing now was different than before. It was no longer happy, but it was loud, like he was showing off to her. She closed her eyes to just listen, she felt the songs washing over her. This was the happiest she has been since she came here.

Did he know?

She wondered why he was letting her sit with him, but she didn’t mind this sort of kindness from him. She was enjoying the violin player he seemed to be. 

-Jess Gatsby


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