Life is too long I think. After 2,000 years of living I wonder what it would be like to feel the sweet release of the grave. I have been buried before but that isn’t the same.

I am the oldest human alive. The first immortal. I’ve been here in this now ghost town for a long time. I was brought here by love, but love is what stranded me here. I feel that my story isn’t really a sad one, because I have not been a good person.

I have lived in this town a long time. When I first came here, there she was. The way her hair was pulled up, the way she smiled when she turned her face to the sun, the way she made flowers bloom under her fingertips. I saw though, even with her smile, she carried the weight of the world with her. She was caught up in a lot of things.


She was the light at the end of the dark tunnel that had been my life.

I had been waiting for her.


Right now I am sitting at the corner of the street. The spotlights are swaying in the wind and I can feel the storm coming over from the sea. The moon is hidden by the clouds, but it is always there for me.


Rowan ruined me for good, and I wonder that if I had never met her, would I be satisfied by my life?


Rowan was a witch, in charge of protecting this town from threats.

When I came around, I wasn’t a threat.

I laugh now to think that she made me one.


When I came here she knew right away what I would become. I was a normal human, or so I thought.


But I was special.

She told me.


She needed me. I would do anything for her, I thought that was how she would love me back.


That night the moon became the new light in my life. It was full over the sea. She had me visit her home. It is weird to me the things I remember from that night. The smell of lavender, the ice on the floor.

Rowan had me stand at the door, right outside the frame to her tiny shack. The moon beat down on my back as she reached out to me, through my chest.

She pulled my heart out.

With it, I think she took my soul.

What I became that night…. I was a monster.


She wanted me to fight the threat on the town, but I was overcome with a burning thirst. I took the life of everyone who was outdoors that night. With each life, I grew stronger. When the sun came up, my skin started to burn. I took refuge in a cave by the sea.

Each night I would come out to feed.

Rowan made me a monster, but I still loved her.

I would come to her shack, sitting at her door for years. She would never come out to me. She let me become a monster and she left me stranded. When she died, I tried to leave the town but I couldn’t.

I hadn’t aged.

I couldn’t sleep.

I couldn’t enter a home uninvited.

I was a monster who took people’s lives to suppress a thirst.


I only started to hate her now. Now that it has been thousands of years.

I can feel her watching me now. The sun will be up soon. I have found a group of witches that thought coming into the town would help them grow stronger. Take the power of the land from the original witch.

And now I was taking them.

I keep killing. Thousands of people. They come to me. I don’t know what draws them here, but they all die.


When Rowan died, I was able to enter her home. I live in her room during the day, but at night. . .

The thirst has never been suppressed enough.

The tears in their eyes as they take their last breath would make me feel something, if I could feel anything other than that extreme….


Rowan, you have forsaken me to be this monster. This thing that I have become…


-Jess Gatsby

Inktober post 1~ My Vampire Story.