She was blind, that poor little girl. I could see her hanging onto her father from where I stood in the shadows. They were at the apple stand.

Honestly, the people with ailments taste so much better, but she was still so young. I could help her…

“Hello, little girl.” I called so only she could hear. I saw her little head bob around, her curls bouncing in the most adorable way. She let go of her father and made her way to me. Her father did not even notice that she had let go of him.


She was perfect.


When she came to me, oh. . .

Memories are my life force, and the more painful the memory, the better the taste. To take memories is a difficult task for most of my kind, but I have been doing this for a long while. Most people I take from, feed from, thank me. I am helping them. This girl- Arabella was her name- I cured her blindness with my feeding. That is what we can do, the most experienced of us anyway. We can help people. It’s all give and take.

The memories, the life, the pain- it keeps me young, and allows me to live on land. My people, my kind, we are of the sea. In our history, we started to live on land when we met sailors. They call us mermaids, or sirens. I haven’t thought of a word for what we are, but those will do I suppose.

With Arabella’s face in my hands, I took her pain and her sickness. She hadn’t always been blind- the fire that had taken her mother has also robbed her of her eyesight. When I gave it back to her…

When her eyes returned to their beautiful green colour they widened in elation. I worried she would scream so I covered her mouth with my hand.

“Sh.” I warned just as her father started crying her name. I motioned for her to go to him. After feeding from Arabella I was convinced her father would also be a satisfying meal. The pain of losing a wife was a strong pain. I could take that from him. I followed Arabella back to her father, who took her in his arms.

“Papa! I can see! She helped me see!” Arabella’s voice sounded like a bell, her words strung together like a song.

It was wonderful to hear.


To be Continued…. 

-Jess Gatsby

Inktober #4

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