It was a cold night. Oph was sleeping next to me, and I curled my body around her. She doesn’t have a good coat so I cover her as much as I can at night. She had a long day of walking, and I haven’t been carrying her much. She said she wanted to walk, she needed to feel like she was doing something. Tonight we lay in the snow. I can hear her breathing. I miss being with her for real, but ever since my curse, we have never been human at the same time. She still holds me, she cares for me, but I can see that I am loosing her. This journey is our last resort, I think. She hasn’t said it, but I know that not being about to have a real conversation with me is making her sad.

We are werewolves, Ophelia and me. I was cursed by a witch to spend all my time as a wolf, and change into a human only during the full moon. Ophelia is my girlfriend. She is the most loving person, and since this curse she has been doing everything she can to help break it.

But we have come up short. I don’t think I will ever be back to normal. All I want to do is hold her for real. Having my paws around her is not the same…

“Sella,” Oph’s sleepy voice sounded, “Sella, don’t go.”

She was sleeping. I love her very much, but if this curse can’t be broken…

I can’t do that to her. She needs to have a life. She is able to have a life. There are plenty of other werewolves out there. She could find a new pack. I could do it.

She sighed into my ear.

This had to work. This witch. She had to be able to help me.

I wanted to talk to her. I wanted to talk about this. We used to talk about what we were,

I would say, “God, I can’t stand being a werewolf, Ophelia.”

She would say, “Sella, that isn’t the only thing you are.”

Now it was. I am only human for one night a month. The night that she isn’t.

This isn’t fair.

I can feel her little heart beating next to me.
God, I can’t stand being a werewolf, Ophelia.

-Jess Gatsby

Inktober #6

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