Solaris and Luna Sherwood are twins. They live in the Sherwood Forest and are the Great-great Granddaughters of the Founder of the Sherwood Kingdom. In Solaris is the spirit of the sun. In Luna, is the spirit of the moon. The twins are identical: Tall and pale with white hair. Their left eyes are bright blue and their right eyes are bright white.

Luna wears a long black dress with long flowing sleeves, with skirts of different textures. She wears black lace up boots for her long moonlit walks through the forest at night. On her right hand she wears a ring with the Sherwood Family crest and a moonstone. Her necklace is currently a crescent moon, but changes based on the moon’s phase. On the center of her palms are purple tattoos of the crescent moon, which also change to reflect the current moon phase. She carries with her a book of moon and star spells and on her wrist is a silver bracelet with the words “moon child” engraved on the face. She smells of burning leaves and rain. She keeps her long white hair in a braid over her left shoulder, and braided into her hair are black leaves. At her heels, always following her, is her familiar: a black cat named Lucas. He is now an old cat, Luna has had him since she was a girl. He has a patch of white fur around his shoulders, that looks very similar to Luna’s braid.

Luna is an introvert, preferring the company of her familiar and the animals that roam the forest at night. She is an expert with the bow and arrow, and also with the bow and violin. She collects rainwater for medicinal spells and leaves them on her windowsill to charge in the moonlight. She is very close with her sister Solaris, and their younger sister, Amity. Luna is in charge of the Moonlight warriors and sees over the Sherwood Kingdom’s healers. She is a strong woman who leads with kindness and compassion.

Solaris, who prefers to be called Sol, wears a pale pink blouse, over skirts of tan and lavender. Her boots are short and brown, with little heels that make her an inch taller than Luna. She prefers to walk during the day, by a small stream that isn’t shadowed by the Sherwood trees. On her left hand she wears a ring with the Sherwood Family crest and a sunstone. Her necklace is a pendant of the solar system, that always reflects the current positions of the planets. She wears tan fingerless gloves that cover the orange tattoos of the sun on the palms of her hands. She carries with her “The Sun Witch’s Grimoire,” given to her by the Sun Witch before her. She wears golden earrings that have the words “sun child” engraved into the faces. She smells of moss and river water. Sol keeps her long white hair in a french braid down her back, with small crystals entwined in the stands that shimmer in the light from the sun. At her heels, always following her, is her familiar: a blonde lab named Sunny. Sunny was a puppy, a recent member added to the Sherwood Family. Solaris made his a collar out of vines and crystals, so he too would shine in the light of the sun.

Solaris is the eldest sister, born twelve hours before Luna. She is an extrovert, who enjoys the company of her Sun Guard. She is an expert with a sword, and trains ruthlessly for hand to hand combat as well as in her magic skills. Solaris is the Sherwood Kingdom’s official Queen, although the citizens refer to the Sherwood twins both as their Queen. During court, Sol wears her required Sun Crown, which is golden and comes to five points representing the sun’s rays and the five nations that make up the Sherwood Kingdom. She does this to fulfill her official Queenly duties, although she would rather Luna have equal official say in the Sherwood Kingdom’s court. Sol is very close with Luna, but she does not quite understand her younger sister Amity.

The sisters are the protectors of the Sherwood Kingdom, and fear that their is something coming for their town. In recent weeks there have been a string of nightly attacks that Luna and her Moonlight Warriors have been fighting off against the town. Sol has had to call the court together more than twice as often in the past weeks, and the sisters are worried that their is some force at work trying to divide the kingdom.

To be Continued…


-Jess Gatsby

Inktober #9

Image Credit– I love this person’s photography, have a look if you like pretty and beaten things. I guess I would put a trigger warning if you are bad with bruises, and a little bit of blood.  Be sensitive if you think that or related images would bother you.

Note: This is part of a story I started writing awhile ago, and I am thinking I will actually continue, tell me if you are interested in more.