In the city there is a place, a shop, that you can only find if you are a Haunt. It’s around this corner and down the street, between the bakery and the hotel where no one sleeps. If you can find the place, the nook, then my friend you are a spook. This shop we speak of, it is full of books, but we also come for the scary looks. The witches that work here make sure the hunters and humans stay clear, all the while keeping the creepy ones near. The monsters live here reading King Lear, and the bats come flapping down to read stories about scary clowns. The vampires show up at night, to have a quick read and then go out for a bite. The werewolves are here every night of the month, except for the one they spend out on the hunt. The fairies and elves and mystical folk all come in to read books full of jokes. The little girl in the corner, well she is in here all the time, reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. And all of the ghosts and ghouls popping through walls, are here reading facts about Niagara Falls. The horseman came in one night and we all almost dropped dead, because how can one read when you don’t have a head?


This is the Spook’s Book Shop and it is home to many, the scary, the dead, the living, the plenty. They read stories of life and stories of death, and even though they are scary, we think they’re the best.


-Jess Gatsby


Inktober #12
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