The end of October is almost here! It feels like this month has flown by! It you still don’t feel in the fall mood, or feel like something is missing for the Fall Season, here are my favorite spooky/scary shows, in no particular order:

1.American Horror Story

American Horror Story is such a great show, especially if you like creepy, weird, ghost houses, murders, freaks, etc, for the holiday season. Murder House is my favorite season so far, even though Hotel was amazing and Lady Gaga is the perfect vampire.

2.Scream Queens

This show is so funny! I just started watching and I finished season one so quickly. Season 2 is so much better, but you have to watch from season 1. Emma Roberts is amazing and John Stamos is so great in season 2 so far. Perfect horror parody show, perfect for the Chanel-o-ween feeling.


Supernatural is the best thing ever. Sam and Dean are just immediately lovable characters and you grow with them as the seasons progress. If you are in a show slump and you really want a show with 11 finished seasons to crunch through, and you really want something spoopy for the season, this show is it. Currently on the 12th season, Supernatural is a really great show to get into.


Show about a zombie medical examiner named Liv? Yes please. This show takes a spin on normal cop shows and is very reminiscent of Psych. The comedy in this show is great and Major is a beautiful person.

5.The Originals

The Originals is an actual spin off of one of my old favorites, The Vampire Diaries. Only this show is so much better. True vampire love to Elijah and Haley. Must watch anytime show, but especially good for the Halloween season.


Gross Warning. This show is so weird and gross, but oddly addicting. Totally witchy, which makes it totally fall appropriate. I am just warning you this show is so inappropriate and awkward, so watch it at night, alone, with the lights ON.

7.Criminal Minds

Just taking a break from truly spooky, if thats not your thing. I love criminal minds, and really it is an all the time show, but in the season mood this show gives you a lot of creepy people to creepy terrible things. Gotta love Hotchner and Reid.

8. Death Parade


I tried to keep this list from being to anime heavy, but its hard when I watch a lot of anime. In saying that, this show is great. It is spooky, it deals with the idea of death and the afterlife, and it gives you some really interesting characters. Decim’s character growth through the show is awesome, and this show only has one season with a good ending- which makes it perfect for the last week of October.

9. Being Human

So, I lied. This part of the list is in order. This show is a personal favorite, but I recognize its downfalls. Being Human is a little bit older, but I would definitely watch the BBC version and not the US version. This show is a little long and I think I didn’t want to watch the last season because they change around the main characters, but the feeling the early seasons of this show give are just really good, Halloween-y feelings.

10. Soul Eater

I TOLD YOU I LOVE ANIME. I was writing this list and then realized I needed to include Soul Eater. It is literally about Death and his Scythes. Soul and Maka are super lovable characters, but Death the Kid is the best. Also Dr. Frankenstein is amazing. I was looking up the trailer for you guys and Mike immediately decided he needed to re-watch this anime. It is still on Netflix for now, so go watch!


-Jess Gatsby

Inktober # 16