Hello my lovely followers.

I am to apologize for my absence.  A lot has been happening, as I said in my last “Post,” but to make a long story short I am probably definitely moving again very soon and I am super stressed out about it.

I will try to keep posting this week for inktober, which I had my very lofty goal of posting every single day. We shall see. I have some list posts that I have written already that I just need images for, so I will try to catch up in some postings.

I am going to Florida this weekend to see my family, so Friday night I will be in Orlando. I do have a longer piece that I plan to have finished for Halloween night, so be on the look out for that.

I didn’t want to use to many Sam’s Son episodes for inktober, but I will probably have to if I want to catch up in the days… Sorry!


Thanks for all the love on my posts everyone!

-Jess Gatsby