Evie stared up at her ceiling. Ed had another rough day of chemo and she couldn’t stop seeing the pained expression on his face. That face was carved into the backside of her eyelids. Edmund had started looking like a skeleton weeks ago, but he really looked like death now. Evie’s heart felt like it was imploding when she thought that there was really nothing she could do to help him. She had asked him if she could sleep in his room, but he wouldn’t let her. Evie had dug out some old walkie talkies they used to play with when they were little kids, and had hers on next to her ear, just in case he needed something.

He never called.

Evie spent the night listening to her mother snore softly in the bed next to her.

“You know we have to talk about this.” Ed’s voice said in her head as she replayed the conversation they had after his treatment.

“We can’t,” Evie was crying, “you are going to get better. You promised me.”

“I know, but I am not getting better.” His hair was all gone now.

Evie didn’t answer him,  but she knew he was right. They wanted to keep him overnight at the hospital but Ed spoke with his doctor, who loved him just like everyone else, and he rode out of the hospital in a wheelchair. Evie and their mom both carried him up the stairs to their apartment, though Evie could have carried him on her own- he was so skinny now.

Evie tucked her brother in bed with his walkie talkie and a few plastic grocery bags just in case he…

Each day that past only made things harder for the family. Evie hadn’t let the house in over a week other than to take Ed to the hospital and buy groceries. The anticipation was killing her.

Tom had tried calling, he even stopped by the apartment, but Evie wouldn’t see him.

She could see him though, she knew that there was something about him that made her feel better, but she didn’t want to feel better. She thought it wouldn’t be fair to Edmund if she were to feel better. He was dying, and she could let herself be happy.

Her big brother.

Her Edmund.

She couldn’t be happy when she was losing him.

-Jess Gatsby

Hey guys! This is an excerpt from a project I am working on! Hope you like it!

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