There is a magic in knowing. This concept is strange. Magic. Knowing.


The magic becomes power. Over your life.


Today something terrible has happened to someone I love very much. There is only so much I can do about that. But I will do whatever I need to do for them.


I think it is important to remember to be careful for yourself when you work with negative energy. Anger, revenge, sadness- these things will only be bad for you in the end.


Luckily, we are able to do something about the situation, like get out of it.


Some people feel trapped by terrible people and even if you think there is no way to get out of it. There is.

Just leave.


Life goes on. I know, things can’t be that simple, but you are more important than the person holding you back. No matter the bad that happens because of leaving, you are doing it for you.


I’ll sleep under the stars with you, Friend.

I will keep you safe, Flower.

You are welcome in my arms always.

-Jess Gatsby


For all my friends out there whose employers are assholes who are taking advantage of them: quit.

Sell all your belongings and live in Hell with me.

I’ll be there to feed you warm things and sing you songs.

For Michael.